Sensitivity, operability and cast control that is absolutely essential for mono rods It is natural that the performance of the rod itself such as sex is squeezed to the highest level, such as “Jig rod is EX first taper”, “Jig rod is something to hang” etc. … Rod making based on the stereotype “Jig rod is something like this” The
next-level jig-rod HOOLIGAN was developed with a thorough elimination of the negative factors caused by this .

By performing everything from blank design to setting with a completely new idea that is not bound by conventional common sense, the existing jig rod tended to be lacking without reducing the performance required for conventional jig rods at all The elements such as power, ability to cope with long-distance battles, and difficulty in balancing are all at a high level.

Maximizing the potential of lures by continuing to focus on areas that previously depended on parts other than rods, such as “improvement of rooting avoidance” and “falling and tracing of lures” It is possible to even pull out it, and it has been made into one that greatly improves the capture rate. From dropping jigs to football jigs, dropping tightly on standing trees and vertical structures, kick retrace the bottom with a football jig, shooting in a rugged cover, giving a desired action by shaking or swimming … Exquisite length and balance settings that do not feel too long or too short in various situations.

And an extremely light feeling of use created by its own weight that does not cause stress to be repeated endlessly.

Furthermore, it does not give even the initiative to the monster class big fish, and its tough power that can not be imagined from its lightness is not an exaggeration to say that it is the one and only great characteristic.

Here’s the answer that came up only to create the highest peaks for a true hardcore angler that means you’ll have the perfect control over shooting monocrazies and rubber jigs looking for a serious jig rod.

By the way, besides rubber jig, Texas rig, Florida rig, leaderless down shot, high specific gravity no sinker, heavy carolina rig, heavy down shot rig etc. Let me call it a jig rod (laughs).