Cedition’s first power-spinning model Disfear

Length: 7 feet 1 inch

Applicable lure: 1/8 to 3/4 ounces

Best 1/4 to 5/8 oz

Applicable line: 4 to 12 pounds

Record grade with warranty power from the bus to the big fish game other than the bus, to the place that could not be attacked by the existing tackle, being able to attack the cover deep with skipping without troubles such as amazing long cast performance and backlash to let the lure reachCan.

Common lures such as 4-inch cut tails and imoglabs used in common light rigs can also be used normally, while heavy lures such as death adders, fat squids and long worms larger than 10 inches can be operated sharply.

The rod work technicality, such as wide-range search using high-speed titch and topwater plug with 10 cm over (about 20 g), as well as free fishing with crankbaits and small wire bait, etc.

It exerts a wide range of top-class adaptability to the fishing of hard lure that is required.

Furthermore, for metal vibration and metal jig, elements such as height of long-throw, goodness of operability, moderate tenacity, high level of flexibility leading to hooking efficiently become a unit, and it seems like a special rod, It is a rod that gives you a big advantage that makes it completely different from others.

62,000 yen (excluding tax)