The Destroyer® Valdivia is first and foremost a frog rod, developed to give our touring pro’s every edge to dominate the mats.
Precision & Distance: 7’6” length sends frogs to the farthest reaches of expansive mats, while blank’s intuitive bend allows for pinpoint accuracy when targeting open pockets or edges.
Control: Hybrid Graphite System and multi-axis construction afford a lightness that belies Valdivia’s size and strength, allowing for comfortable rod work to draw the maximum action from frogs.
Positive Hookset: Blank tapers to a subtle tip section with the perfect “give” for ambushing bass to take down their meals. Extra-Fast taper quickly transitions to the massively powerful mid/belly section upon hookset, driving thick-gauge hooks home. Valdivia’s entire blank responds dynamically to changing loads, keeping fish pinned under the heaviest mats until anglers can reach in to grab their trophy.