Aligning crisp blank recovery and sensitivity with newfound power, the Destroyer F4-74XS BRIGAND takes the fight to the depths for bottom contact spinning applications like tubes, jigheads, bottom dragging football jigs and swingheads, and the DARK SLEEPER swimbait. BRIGAND’s clairvoyant sensitivity transmits the subtleties of bottom contour and composition changes with alacrity, heightening angler feel and focus in challenging light-bite situations.

Take advantage of BRIGAND’s blank characteristics in large, open water situations with thin diameter braided line and fluorocarbon leader to minimize the effects of wind and current and maximize BRIGAND’s sensitivity. 7’4” length offers an advantage in line management when considerable yardage is out at the end of long casts or in deep water. BRIGAND’s crispness cuts free of unwanted grass with a quick pop of the wrist, triggering key bites when targeting areas in and around vegetation.