Named after the Roman siege catapult, the Destroyer® Onager was designed to launch large baits with impunity, and crafted for serious bigbait anglers.
Utilizing proprietary multi-axis blank construction and Hybrid Graphite to reduce weight without sacrificing strength or durability, Onager’s entire length exhibits massive power to control bigbaits—and trophy targets—from cast to scale. Combination of lightweight blank material and raw power enables nimble rod work, imparting key action to large baits like the I-SLIDE 262T with ease.
Rear grip length is carefully tuned for two-handed “lever-casting,” and can be comfortably tucked under arm during retrieves, or used to brace throughout the fight of your life. Double-footed Titanium SiC® guides are double-wrapped for durability and performance at key moments.
Onager proudly reflects the commitment of those who dedicate their life to “the one.”