With an impossibly balanced combination of sensitivity and finesse, the Destroyer F2.5-76XS FLYSSA is crafted to maximize finesse offerings. The FLYSSA’S lithe blank loads to effortlessly cast ultralight rigs and safeguards delicate light-line by absorbing the hard charges and head shakes of fighters with silken responsiveness.

Long tip section is crafted with supple forgiveness, obscuring rod tension from wary feeders while transmitting every subtle tick with the utmost sensitivity. FLYSSA excels in horizontal finesse applications, demonstrating the kind of smooth load-characteristics ideal for sweep-setting with delicate line, fully utilizing its unique taper. The Destroyer FLYSSA is purpose-built for light line applications, particularly finesse swimbaits, hair jigs and deep-water drop shotting. The ultimate choice for the OKASHIRA SCREWHEAD paired with the SPARK SHAD and HAZEDONG SHAD.