Pagani-Chaparral is a model to demonstrate the usability of the best places that require a long distance or cast top water games, lagoon and river. But what to about the distance of the plug and the angler, the plug is difficult to move, was wound up in the belly section of Chaparral, tension Resin Fine low carbon (99.5% content) will produce is far ensures plug familiar I Walk the dog. Usually slow taper action rod, but tend to lack the linearity as the cable length increases, Pagani-Chaparral, during operation plug achieves tension feel a core while also generating a bending supple, and Innovation kiri if carefully shake . Its incredible lightness and forget that it is a long rod is supposed to be an advantage at the top of the daily water games. It is a unique engineering Pagani does not feel tired, healing.

It can be said for those who would enclose the word slow life, the act of fishing, Pagani is not suitable as a tool. Because, since we can not be without sexy, or provocative, sensual … that, the emotional words, tells you exactly Pagani. Have brought exciting and supple feel, comfortable fishing exciting, Pagani is built to be born with sharp engineering IT Oh, by the spirit of inquiry and challenging. Would be transformed into an emotional time, the boring every day, our tool of Pagani. Pagani hand, this weekend, do not you want to spend time in the field, such as pounding thrilling.