Blanks 枯波 crest of metallic brown finish to reproduce the legendary technique, the silicate rocks exposed to the inlet of the reservoir to meet water deep in the mountains. Heating titanium double helix from being contained in it is (DNA TITANIUM). Finally, create a new blank top water plugs new levels of performance is completed. (Body) is made of titanium and graphite berry produce delicate tip, a whole new feeling of elasticity, and amplified to a more active movement, the movement of the top water plug. By DNA titanium composite blanks fight back with the overwhelming power of the monster also strike suddenly, realizing very accurate cast no blurring. Anglers also took time to master, in the slow taper glass rod, conventional high-power ultra-light blanks attack Mei, to enable the top water operations in the 21st century. Is ideal for light and light bait wire and cranking.

It can be said for those who would enclose the word slow life, the act of fishing, Pagani is not suitable as a tool. Because, since we can not be without sexy, or provocative, sensual … that, the emotional words, tells you exactly Pagani. Have brought exciting and supple feel, a comfortable fishing exciting, Pagani is built to be born with sharp engineering IT Oh, by the spirit of inquiry and challenging. Would be transformed into an emotional time, the boring everyday, our tool of Pagani. Pagani hand, this weekend, do not you want to spend time in the field, such as pounding thrilling.