Oh Haimo IT Duras graphite to reproduce, create original Destroyer ultimate top water rod, the feeling of the Elise. Bending action while realizing more and more beautiful, supple, and clean with no blur is still complete. Even if small plug should Pagani Elise can easy cast, dog walk tempo of top water plug from easy to grab a small, delicately moving up to now it has been difficult, they move to the easy to anyone. Elise blanks, realized in lightweight blanks incredibly overwhelming, like tangled top water plug action fiberglass rod has been produced, the water that. It is a modern rod and wonder what was the top of the vintage style water games ever I think.

It can be said for those who would enclose the word slow life, the act of fishing, Pagani is not suitable as a tool. Because, since we can not be without sexy, or provocative, sensual … that, the emotional words, tells you exactly Pagani. Have brought exciting and supple feel, a comfortable fishing exciting, Pagani is built to be born with sharp engineering IT Oh, by the spirit of inquiry and challenging. Would be transformed into an emotional time, the boring everyday, our tool of Pagani. Pagani hand, this weekend, do not you want to spend time in the field, such as pounding thrilling.