Therese might be the best choice for sniper Ranker you want to cast to plug a notch heavier than the Elise. Without having to spoil the delicate operation of manipulating the plug lightweight, load-bearing strength for up to bat – Berry section. Standing timber in pounds or reservoir will flood, strike and bush cover and close spot, butt full of unstoppable power and torque to ensure that the rush of big fish strike, expand the game of confidence. Machine gun for anglers put the weight of the plug tightly into blanks, want to skip the liner shot, this would be one of the best.

It can be said for those who would enclose the word slow life, the act of fishing, Pagani is not suitable as a tool. Because, since we can not be without sexy, or provocative, sensual … that, the emotional words, tells you exactly Pagani. Have brought exciting and supple feel, a comfortable fishing exciting, Pagani is built to be born with sharp engineering IT Oh, by the spirit of inquiry and challenging. Would be transformed into an emotional time, the boring everyday, our tool of Pagani. Pagani hand, this weekend, do not you want to spend time in the field, such as pounding thrilling.