The the supple tip allows you to accurately approach the targeted pinpoint with a lightweight frog, and the tip with exquisite hardness and the flexible belly section enable table turn action with a reduced travel distance.

<Tip> By giving the tip section, which is also a sticking point at the time of testing, the hardness of the bend, it enables the lure operation intended by the angler and creates a feeling of dynamism. It also supports the popper frog.
<Berry> Exquisite flexibility Suppresses the movement distance of the frog, and reduces “playing at the bite”.
<Bat> The bat section, which boasts a breaking strength of 20 kg, has the torque power to penetrate a needle with a thick shaft diameter. You can handle exchanges through the cover with a sense of security and security.
<Length> The short length makes it difficult to hit the water surface even when operating the rod downwards, which is the basic operation in the frog game.
<Handle> Grip length that is particular to the centimeter unit does not hinder the action and is excellent in handling.

The B67 Frog blank with an excellent total balance is technically widely applicable to shad tail worms, lightweight leaderless down shots, spinnerbaits, big cranks, etc.