[ Heavy Texas rig or rubber jig + PE line combination ] To capture a heavy cover that can only be approached with this combination Produced rod exclusively for punching.In spite of the blanks design that achieves the highest class strength and smooth taper , the rod was stood up when PE line was used by spiral setting the all double foot of small diameter torzite to 7.9ft blanks . The line entanglement that frequently occurs in the state is drastically reduced, and the delicate operation feeling and the exquisite tip for deeply inhaling the short bite.The belly that smoothly follows the rapid running of the bus and smoothly “bends” when fighting. A bat that reliably “hooks” the hook with violent hooking. It is not a solid rod, but a taper that can be “eat and multiply to catch”. Pursuing the ideal of high-power rods, many blanks have been trial-produced, and with amazing lightness and balance that can comfortably flip hundreds of times per day, it is possible to maintain concentration and actively shoot To With powerful and tenacious blanks, a heavy sinker is forcibly sunk into a slight gap in a thick matte cover to pull off monsters at once.