“ Free fall without hanging a rubber jig on a branch of a standing tree without stopping and bouncing ” It seems easy There are few rods that can be easily done in the true sense.When controlling a jig of 1/2 oz class, if the tip is too soft and moves too much, the movement distance of the rig becomes too large. By doing so, a 1/2 oz class jig can be operated in millimeter units in the gap between standing trees and in the lock area.In addition, the exquisite taper balance allows you to feel the operation feeling that you should feel at the tip, at the image of underwater. We have succeeded in designing an easy-to-use blank. We have completed a heavy finesse rod that has excellent performance for cover shooting and can be operated delicately as if you are operating a lightweight rig. I want you to feel the precise and transparent operability and sensitivity, as well as the deepening of hooking performance.


Length: 6’9″ / Lure: 3/8- 1 1/2oz / Line: MAX 25lbs
Its tip section is not too soft, the reason is to make very precise lure control with 1/2oz jigs in between standing trees or rocky area. If the tip is too soft, the rod cannot make a very delicate action in units of millimeters. B4-69 captures heavy cover area with rubber jig and Texas rig with surprisingly precise cast control. And, it’s also very good to use a heavy Carolina rig. These heavy lures can be controlled as if you are using light rigs.