Flexible and supple blanks flex the entire rod to approach the pin spot aiming at the finesse rig with one shot. Sticking to casting performance Blank plays a trick cast with a manageable length at will and develops a finesse game at a light tempo.Bait finesse based on the light line can cause a line break when the fish is rampant at landing etc. Therefore, I repeated the test to achieve a flexible and tenacious belly section that can hook up to the sweep and lift up softly and delicately.In addition, the tip section that smoothly connects to the rod action also hits a small bite. It allows you to bite the bite and reduces mis-bite.The “light lure that can only be handled by spinning tackle” is entangled in the structure and the hang-off operation is done delicately. Excellent compatibility with Smolaba, Nail Rig and Finesse Texas operations.

< High casting controllability to the pin-spot >

Length: 6’5″ / Lure: 1/16-3/8oz / Line: MAX 12lbs
B65 Finesse enables to cast a finesse rig to a pinspot you aimed on precisely by its flexibility and sharpness. Also, you can control any trick casting and operate finesse game rhythmically. With this model, you can use very light lures which you could have used only with spinning tackles. This model is good match with a small rubber jig, nail rig, finesse Texas.