A blank that can be thought of as a metal accurately conveys underwater conditions that can not be seen from the outside , especially as a versatile for heavyweight lures in Bicklake A rod that can be used.It shows excellent weed cutting performance in spinner basing around 3/4 oz in the weed area, heavy jig in deep rock, heavy weed covering the surface of the water, heavy Texas in driftbask etc. With its sharp operability, it realizes high sensitivity to quickly detect the bite while avoiding stacking.The blank finished with extra heavy action by making use of high elastic carbon has a surprisingly high response operation feeling in the bottom range. It will be able to accurately capture the zones that could not be attacked.In addition, the heavy carolina using a sinker of around 1oz will also exhibit excellent long-distance performance, and it will also play an active role in the Okappari style with a limited number.