How to use

and remove the cogwheel attached to the genuine spool, please transplanted into Microcast Spool.

is a micro-cast spool, which has been developed to Ambassador 5500 for OLD.

Old Ambassador type of 5500 number and embedded in 5500D number is available. Mainly, of the initial color Brown, the late model red, such as minority only manufactured champagne gold exists as lineup.

Ambassador 5500D is only about two years without being manufactured, line alarm mechanism compared with the 5000D is not attached.

Even in models 5500 and signage, par timing model Ultra-cast model · C3, etc. model of is fit outside.

◆ determine the suitability reel due to the spool shaft

and adapted to the reel of the spool shaft of photos of shape.

Remove the cog wheel, make sure the shape of the hidden part.

◆ color chart



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