Avail Microcast Spool AMB6550UC
(The spool rim level is 5.0mm)

This models is for ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C series.

Genuine centrifugal brake is replaceable.
Special magnetic brake for the model is available.
(optional product)

By replacing genuine spool with the Microcast spool, you will succeed in weight saving of reel.
This will help improve your cast with light-weight lures as well as cast further distance.

Special magnetic brake also help you adjust the brake more finely.

“Microcast Brake CR2” for right handle

“Microcast Brake CL2” for left handle

※Fine tuning of the magnetic brake makes possible even with ABU reel.

See the page of Microcast Brake CR2

|Spool colors




Spool : extra super duralumin


Ambassadeur 6500C/ 6500CS etc.
(For Ultra-Cast model)
※Not compatible with reels whose spool is not detachable from its shaft.