The Megabass Arms Challenge World Limited rods are now available for special order as a custom build. These rods are limited to a worldwide production of 100 pieces. This is a fantastic opportunity to own an extremely high end enthusiast Megabass rod built to your specifications.

2013 Features
The ARMS Challenge features Fuji SiC Titanium Frame LCSG, Fuji SiC Titanium Frame KWSG, ARMS Super-High Elasticity Super-High Ductility YOLOY(TM) MATRIX Full 7 Axis Graphite Blanks, Fuji SiC Titanium Frame KTSG ARMS See-Through Red, Fuji SiC Titanium Frame FCST Top Guide (A6704X, A6104X, A5105X, A6115X), Fuji SiC Titanium Frame LGST Top Guide (A6903X), Ito Head Locking System III, ARMS Fore Section, Stealth Reel Seat (ARMS Tune), ARMS Level Spacer, ARMS Ergonomic Natural Wood Gripping Handle (Galaxy Maple), ARMS Challenge Center Mount Balancer, Graphite Separate Handle Shaft, ITO Engineering Emblem, Rear Handle End, and the U.S. Competition Guide System (A6903X).