The Megabass Arms Challenge World Edition rods.

These rods were limited to a worldwide production of 100 pieces per model.

Purchasers were able to customize each build by choosing options such as LEFT HAND or RIGHT-HAND orientation for the grip along with guide wrap colors, etc.

These rods utilized the legendary X7 blanks.


Super Slend is a special shaft of “Eating” that thoroughly steps into the pinnacle of a finesse game, with its superior sensory sensitivity that can be said to be the biggest topic of Arms Technology. 1/32 oz. 3-5lb. For a class ultra-lightweight sinker. A finesse-only machine for Clever Monster Hunting that combines lines to challenge record fish that you could not bring to landing. The full 7-axis graphite shaft and YOLOY protection, which are densely wound from the bat section to the tip, reliably secure super monsters that could not be caught by Finesse Rattle until now with lifting power of 2 classes. A challenging ultra-light spin built with a high-rigidity structure that surpasses the common-sense fishing resistance of finesse rods.

Go back a quarter-century from now. It was born as a weapon to fight the life of one man together. Its name is ARMS. Yuki Ito carved teakwood with his own hands and combined the shaft made of high elongation and high elasticity material used for aircraft at that time. ARMS was a mega bang DNA that later created Destroyer, derived Evolzion and Pagani, and was handed down to the latest Orochi. For a man who has betting his life and confronting his target one-on-one, it may have been beyond the rod. For Ito, fighting at ARMS was fighting with his own arms and may have been a way to arrange meals on the table for the family. ARMS is LIFE for fighting men.

Now, ARMS begins with you to challenge the far-reaching evolution in search of the strongest target ever. Just like that time.