Smak Red Tune 100 (Limited Edition)

Name Smak Red Tune 100 (Limited Edition)
Base reel Daiwa Smak 100
Weight 7.05 Ounces
Material Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Sideplate
Bearing count 10+1RB
Gear ratio 6.3:1
Maximum Drag 8.82 Pounds
Handle length 90mm
Retrieve Right/Left
Brake System Centrifugal
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) 26.38 Inches
Line Capacity (PE #) 12lb - 125m
Year Produced 2006
Quantity Produced  
MSRP  32500¥

Notes: The Smak Red Tune 100 is a lightened tuned model of the Smak 100.  The handle is 90mm, outward swept, and features four ball bearings.  The left hand debuted in October 2006, the right hand in November 2006.