Features of the custom base machine “Daiwa Alphas AIR TW”.

Surprise model announced after the 2020 season in. Introducing a spool developed exclusively for 28Φ bait finesse in

body of the model “Alphas” that bears the middle range that has been popular for many years .

Although the weight is transferred to STEEZ by adopting an aluminum body
, the
only model has appeared as a full-scale bait finesse reel in an affordable price range .

Of course, KTF supervises the spool development.

This is what happens when KTF tunes “Daiwa Alphas AIR TW”!

For tune
, the
spool design and line capacity have been redesigned with the aim of further improving the response .

Of course, the spool material is “G1 duralumin”.
Taking advantage of the strength of 1.3 times that of conventional materials,
we have achieved sharp response by reducing the weight.

KTF’s original setting is
realized by KAHEN brake.
Demonstrate the
highest performance currently possible as a bait finesse machine.