The TD-Z Personal Order I’ze Factory reels were a limited production in 2004.  They were produced in two runs, the first order period ending March 23rd, the second ending October 23rd.  The reels are mechanically identical to the 2004 Type R+.  Daiwa provided the opportunity for customers to special order their Type R+ Limited Edition reels in one of nine colors, in left or right hand retrieve, and in 5.7:1 or 6.3:1 gear ratios.  They were produced only to customer orders and the number produced is estimated at less than 1000.  Each reel included an owners card and a TD-Z pin matching the color of the reel ordered.

Solid Red

Metallic Red

Pearl White

Solid Yellow

Metallic Green

Metallic Gold

Metallic Black

Metallic Blue

Metallic Pink