“Sidewinder Strong Mind” with super power that surpasses imagination far.
The notation “Lure weight ~ 2 kg” is a value that would be the limit for human beings to cast a lure, but in fact it has an unprecedented blank power that it can not be measured due to shaking off the gauge in a load test.
This extraordinary power of blank power is the power needed to manipulate the giant bait.
If the rod power is inferior to the superweight class giant bait, it will be an action that the bus like drag does not look good, but if it has the super power class power possessed by “strong mind”, it will be able to lose the superweight class giant bait Also, it enables an initial jerk that produces an action with “squeeze” and has a large number of bytes.
In addition, it has high power transmission power to penetrate the upper jaw surely even with thick-axis hooks used for cutting tools and giant baits at long distances where hooking power is difficult to transmit.
A strong mind that exists only in the world to cast super-weighted giant baits.
It is not the spec that everyone can handle, but it is the ultimate specialty rod that only those who can handle Giant Bait can handle.


Length: 8’3 ”1 piece | Lure Weight: ~ 2 kg | Line: ~ 50 lb | Action: Reg Regular Taper | Grip Length: 770 mm | Grip removable | ¥ 72,000 (tax excluded) 2016.1 release.


■ Guide setting

Guide foot is set high according to the size of the reel, which inevitably increases the number.
Double lapping for momentary high loads such as giant bait casts and fights will help prevent blanks from being damaged by the guide foot.■ Grip design The
grip length matched to blank power can swing over super-weighted giant bait without difficulty, and it does not lose the initial speed jerk action and hooking power that does not lose power to the weight of giant bait to the lure. Tell me that it will pull 100% blank performance. 
■ Fore grip

It is shape that it is easy to grasp that burden on hand is reduced by rod operation and power fight.