Developed exclusively for the three-pronged heavy Carolina rig established in Lake Biwa, the blank pursues not only sensitive sensitivity in the tip section, but also the power to operate the heavy weight sinker and the delicacy to loosen without cutting the weed.
In addition, the hooking for long distance has been definitely decided, and it has been completed as a regular first taper with a powerful bat that can float even 10 pounders at once. Although it is a special model specializing in three-pronged caro, it shows a wide range of capabilities to handle spinner baits, rubber jigs, Texas rigs, and small and medium-sized swim baits.
A total of 12 guides and a unique spiral setting with “T-KTSG” ultra-small diameter guides for #2 to #7 guides, has an amazing long casting performance and sharp operation feeling that is advantageous for shore fishing Special specifications to get. The first sidewinder telescopic model that brings a high advantage to wading games.


Dedicated aluminum parts that suppress rattling during storage.
*If the grip contains water and is stored for a long time, the coating may absorb the water and cause a “blister phenomenon”. If you want to store the grip in a wet state for a long time, store it in a stretched state.

Unchanging essence. Unwavering performance.1999.
Sidewinders appeared in the days when light rigs were the mainstream, where lighter and more sensitive rods were being pursued.
With ultra-high elasticity rods appearing one after another, as if going backwards in time, a torque-rich long rod with de-class power at that time cast the question, “What are you going to catch with this rod?” Was done. But our answer was clear.

“It’s a rod for catching big bass” …

In the heyday of the tournament, big bass hunting was only a style of some core anglers, but the sidewinder series that started with only three models of “slap shot”, “super border” and “outcross” is such a core. It was a rod that was created just for the Big Bus Hunter.
This specialized spec was because it was the only one that can handle the strong styles such as slow rolling of heavy spinner baits, rubber jig swimming, and big baits that are now standard.
For more than ten years since then, although there have been slight minor changes in cosmetics, the basic performance has not changed at all, so the rod has been loved.

In 2011, the new sidewinder, which was brushed up with sharpness and high rigidity that you can easily grasp without modifying the long-loved blank, also has a pedigree as the second generation sidewinder carrying the subname of Great Performer. Is firmly inherited.