Debuting in 2013, the Steez SV along with the T3 SV were the first reels to feature Daiwas new “Stress-Free Versatile” (SV) spools.  The SV spool allows for a greater range of lure weights (down to 3.5g or 1/8oz) with more efficiency than previous braking systems.  The inductor on the spool behaves similar to standard Magforce where as the spool speed increases more force is applied to the inductors spring pushing the inductor into the magnet system in the palm side plate.  The SV spool is different in the fact that as the inductor extends it also rotates on the spool shaft.  Daiwa calls this variation of Magforce braking “Air Brake”.  The SV spool is made of G1 Duralumin and is 34mm OD.  The frame and sideplates are Magnesium.  The reel features a different swept metal handle than previous generations as well as a swept Zaion drag star for further weight reduction.