2016 marked the T-Wing Systems inception into Daiwas flagship platform, the Steez.  The reel features a 34mm 1016 size G1 Duralumin SV spool for excellent casting control.  The drive gear is also G1 Duralumin.  Another new concept is Daiwas Zero Adjuster.  The reel is set from the factory to have exactly zero side to side spool movement and is made to never be touched allowing all brake adjustment to be done with the mag dial.  The frame and set plate are made of Air Metal and Super Metal for an overall lighter weight and connected feel while fishing.  The Steez TW SV also features new High Gripe I-Shape Lightweight knobs, smaller and lighter than any in the current lineup.  The reel is available in two ratios in both left and right hand retrieve and available in both the USDM and JDM markets.  Reels with the 6.3 gears are accented in gold while the high speed 7.1 are accented in red.



Zero Adjuster