Professional staff 3 people The SPELLBOUND CORE series created by experts who drew the fields thoroughly and injected the whole energy into the field by Kasumigaura Dandy, Yusuke Murakawa, Highland Lake Master, Shuhei Ichimura, Boso Reservoir demon, and Kazuto Hanyu.

Equipped with a solid tip to capture, from the Shore angler to Tournament, is the birth of a new sense rod that will make the most of the user’s skills.

※ 2 models added in 2019 have been added.

Core bait rod image

Core spinning image

・ Solid tip mounted (1 piece)

・ SCC-65-1 / 2 MULTI is a tubular model.

・ SCC-72H-ST & 72MH-ST are telescopic specifications

・ Use guide FUJI stainless steel frame SIC-S ring

・ Nano resin carbon adoption

Hook hook mounted on all spinning models

・ Reel seat: Bait casting model FUJI ECS

Spinning model FUJI VSS