The answer for carbon full solids is here… The berry that follows the delicate tip and speedy run that catches an ultra-short bite and receives it is unique to carbon full solid. Please enjoy the skills and wisdom of the craftsmen.

A full solid model with high carbon 30t carbon. Compatible with all light rigs around 1/16 oz including down shots and jig head wackies. A model that represents SPELLBOUND, which combines taper, torque, and balance, with a margin of up to 50 up. It is a rod that can really catch big fish that only react to light rigs.
Length: 5.11ft Weight: 1/32 to 1/4 oz Line: 3 to 6 lb
Full -titanium SIC guide mounted Full solid model Original paint VSS reel sheet Price: ¥ 44,000 (excluding tax)

Elasticity 3 power model of rate 24t carbon use. However, you can experience the strong torque that is characteristic of full solids. In general, light rigs, such as down shots and jig heads, the finesse tip for reliably putting the part you have been flipping will make a difference in severe situations. As the sub-name, one that can not be removed absolutely against the small mouse strategy. Since its release, it has won the winning rod several times.

Length: 5.11ft Weight: 1/64 to 3/16 oz Line: 2-5 lb All titanium SIC guide mounted
Full Solid Model Original Paint VSS Reel Sheet Price: ¥ 44,000 (excluding tax)

tip and taper are good at light Carolina rigs and split shot rigs up to about 5 g, from spring to autumn It is a rod of great success. Basically, it is a model that specializes in soft bait fishing, but it also supports minnows that are effective for severe bite fish in the fall, and high-order shad straight retrieve patterns.
Length: 6.04 ft Weight: 1/32 to 1/4 oz Line: 3-6 lb All titanium SIC guide mounted
Original paint VSS reel sheet Price: ¥ 46,000 (tax not included)