To get the best results. A special tune series that thoroughly pursues functions and removes waste completely for the sole purpose of being. Please experience the performance and functional beauty just like a racing machine dominating the circuit.

Bate finesse rod with SBCC-609SLT 2 MG solid tip. A model with a shallow cover and structure capture mainly by a rig up to a total weight of about 5g. Invited from various casts, it is 6.09ft that has been thoroughly polished, and the expression of a rod combining a razor and an ax is a perfect one.
Length: 6.09ft Weight: ~ 1/2 oz Line: ~ 14 lb Titanium frame all SIC
recommended rig: Lure of about 5g total weight Price ¥ 45,000 (excluding tax)
● SBCC-602SL 1 MG
carbon full solid adoption of bait finesse approach only rod. This model mainly focuses on structure capture around the cover and under water. It can handle worms and plugs without stress. Corresponds to tough conditions such as tournament time and low water temperature period, carbon full solid blank fully supports unexpected big fish.
Length: 6.02 ft Weight: ~ 1/4 oz Line: ~ 10 lb Titanium frame all SIC
recommended rig: Lure of about 4 g in total Weight Price ¥ 45,000 (excluding tax)
● SBCC-506 T 3 RSP
Tsukui Lake, Sagami Lake, Boso Kanto Reservoir Special model specializing in  shooting that covers every situation. An exceptional 5.06 ft short length in the long rod prime. All for accurate casting accuracy, skippability, and jungle-covered cruise fishing practices.
Length: 5.06ft Weight: ~ 3/4 oz Line: ~ 20 lb Stainless frame all SIC
recommended rig: 10 g Texas, jig Price ¥ 35, 500 (tax not included)

Maddy Shallow Lake Kasumigaura, the largest in the Kanto region. So the Spellbound 608T series was developed to catch “now”. A rod for the shallow cover game with a slim body, created by Yusuke Murakawa. When changing hands, it is set to the same length with different power so as not to feel stress due to cast feel or hooking. The balancer and semi-small diameter guide hold the rod at the ideal angle.

SBCC-608T ● 1   Murakawa Yusuke supervision
1 / 16oz best one for Fall crawler 5 inches of bait Nekorigu and lightweight drop shot before and after. The SBCC-608T 2 covers all the rigs that are too light and cumbersome.
Length: 6.08ft Weight: ~ 1 / 2oz Line: ~ 14lb titanium frame all-Torr Zuid-ring
recommended rig: Nekorigu, down shot Price ¥ 40,000 (excluding tax)
● SBCC-608T 2   Murakawa Yusuke supervision
floating shallow vegetation some of the areas It is suitable for a heavy down shot to capture the no sinker high specific gravity stick bait, 2 m single shot quay, and Oda while fishing the bathing bus. Model corresponding to the situation change at the time of ugly temper and tough condition. Features
Flexibility for various light rigs Length: 6.08 ft Weight: ~ 5/8 oz Line: ~ 16 lb Titanium frame all SIC recommended rig: no sinker high specific gravity stick bait, heavy down shot Price ¥ 40,000 (tax not included)
● SBCC-608T 3    rig-based model Yusuke Murakawa supervision
model using Texas standard rig sinker that is effective all year round. Of course, the affinity with the fall claw is also an excellent finish. I can’t let go of this one year-round. The proto-model made a significant contribution to the 2011 W. BS final victory.
Length: 6.08ft Weight: ~ 3 / 4oz Line: ~ 20lb Titanium frame all SIC
recommended rig: Texas rig Price ¥ 40,000 (tax not included)
● SBCC-608T 4   directed by Yusuke Murakawa
/ backslide high-density worm aiming at the shallow cover, 1 It supports a wide range of football jigs and heavy Carolina rigs up to 1/2 oz class, such as guarded rubber jigs with a / 2 oz class and attacking offshore structures such as whales.
Length: 6.08 ft Weight: ~ 1 oz Line: ~ 20 lb Titanium Frame All SIC
Recommended Rig : Rubber Jig with Guard, Back Slide High Specific Gravity Worm Price ¥ 40,000 (tax not included)

It is a contradictory concept to seek the tracking ability while having high sensitivity to the fast-moving rod, but by achieving high sensitivity, tracking performance and cast accuracy in high dimensions, by using the ultra-low elastic carbon that is adopted this time. Murakawa’s comment “from final proto to no balashi” is the proof of its performance.

● SBCC-608FM 1  Yusuke Murakawa supervised small topwater plug, shad, crank and other settings that are easy to use a lure in general of 1/4 oz class. Equivalent to ML power class.  

Length: 6.08 ft Weight: ~ 1/2 oz Line: ~ 14 lb Fuji stainless steel frame SIC ring Price ¥ 37,000 (excluding tax)
● SBCC-608FM 2  Yusuke Murakawa 3/8 oz spinnerbait, buzz bait, medium-sized crank, supports all topwater plugs. 3/8 oz class loading system, tough time corresponding model. Equivalent to M power class. 

Length: 6.08ft Weight: ~ 5 / 8oz Line: ~ 16lb Fuji stainless steel frame SIC ring Price ¥ 37,000 (excluding tax)
● SBCC-608FM  Yusuke Murakawa 1 / 2z spinnerbait, crankbait, large topwater plug compatible ・ 3 We will put on / 8 oz class lure actively, it is a 1/2 oz class lure loading system. Equivalent to MH power class.   

Length: 6.08 ft Weight: ~ 3/4 oz Line: ~ 20 lb Fuji stainless steel frame SIC ring Price ¥ 37,000 (tax not included)