1 piece tubular model. A light cover capture model that has greatly contributed to achieving a number of top finishers in Sakaizuka Akira’s pros. Designed to reduce line breaks even in a forcible exchange, increasing cushioning against the load that will overwhelm fish rushing for a moment.

In addition, even when the bath changes into a diversion tendency, it is possible to operate delicate simmering, and it is possible to wait for pressure without giving pressure on the outer edge of the wave extinguisher block or spill tetra. Ideal for Texas, Heavidan, Zikarigu, no-sinker, rubber jig, hard bait, etc.

Texas, Heavidan, Zikarigu, no sinker, rubber jig, hard bait, etc.

A light cover capture model that combines “a delicate licking action” and “a high cushioning feature that reduces line breaks.”
Tsujizuka Susumu, a protagonist, who has played many top prizes in the Wave Block (Tetra) cheats.