The model that thoroughly pursues the heavy cover game is this 70H. The rear grip is set short to improve the goodness of return. High sensitivity performance that can distinguish bottom materials and weeds in deep range capture. Berry power to penetrate the upper jaw of the bus firmly even in the capture that took the distance. And I was particularly concerned with the development of the 70H was a guide setting that was premised on “using thick fluoro line”.

The fluorocarbon line with firmness tries to return to the coiled state at the moment of loss of line tension, such as during free fall. In that state, passing through the micro guide causes a phenomenon that noise other than Atari is transmitted to the angler. So, Smith re-examines the recommended guide settings. We have derived an original micro guide setting that changes the diameter of the top guide and tip guide. This noise countermeasure realizes hooking with less time loss. Improved the advantage of the cover game to pull the bus away from the cover instantly.

Guide Ring Size Description

Texas rig, rubber jig with the guard, serpent, etc.

An original micro guide setting assuming the use of a slightly thick and easy-to-use fluoro line.
A model that thoroughly pursues a heavy cover game.