JB Atsushi Kawamata supervised by a professional. 1 piece tubular model. Based on the TVS-61UL, it has a wide range of specifications and flight characteristics that can handle a wide range of light rigs.

Even with a soft tip, it is possible to float freely using the stroke even with a large resistance wackie rig, and it is also adjusted to the suspended tendency bus.

We cope with kicker who rushes to the structure with high sensitivity tip which catches such a biting part and berry & bat with a sense of hang and plus.

Guide Ring Size Description

No sinker, jig head, jig head wacky, cat rig, smorava

ROD No. length power action rear grip
line lure weight blank
tip dia butt dia price ¥
TVS-64L 6’4 “ Light Fast 200 mm 2-6 Lb. (Fluoro) 1 / 32-3 / 16 oz 78g 30t
+ 40t Graphite
1.4 mm 9.1 mm 48,000 + tax