Features of the custom base machine “Ryoga 1016”.

New model that appeared in 2018. The state-of-the-art round housing bait reel that Daiwa has been selling for many years
since the former famous model “Millionaire” . It boasts the high rigidity provided by the machine-cut integrated metal frame. It is a model that has been renewed by introducing a number of the latest technologies, including drag gears .

This is what happens when KTF tunes “Ryuga 1016”!

For tuning the Ryuga 1016, we have prepared a type of
“Versatile Finesse” that is
more focused on finesse and a type of “NEO” that secures the amount of bobbin winding.

Only by power fishing that makes the best use of high rigidity, the
sharp rotation feel and trouble-free braking performance are
highly effective.