Features of the custom-based machine “Steez SVTW”.

The current Steez equipped with the “T-Wing System (TWS)” that has been matured since the introduction of the T3 series. The effect of low resistance during casting is great.

The reel itself has also been downsized, achieving the lightest class of 160 grams as a model with a regular size 34Φ spool.
It has specifications suitable for Daiwa’s high end.

Installed new development “KAHEN” brake installed spool

In 2017, the mechanism that brought a major evolution to the KTF braking system debuted.

[KTF newly developed brake “KAHEN”]
A variable unit with new design changes the braking force according to the input level during casting, and at the time of full casting, it is a strong level brake that suppresses backlash, enabling stress-free long casting, weak at pitching The ultimate variable braking system required for a magnet model that achieves smooth and comfortable low trajectory pitching without damaging the rotational response of the brake.

You can enjoy the braking performance that should be called a special case.

This is what happens when KTF tunes “Steez SVTW”!

[Versatile Finesse Edition] When tuning the “Steez SVTW”, we adopted the spool material “G1 duralumin” to reduce the weight and brush up the “KAHEN” brake with KTF’s original setting technology.

Achieves sharp braking response and stable braking performance that is released from backlash.

The bait finesse approach is of course stress- free, and it has a versatile spool that can handle the full-line winding up to the full line capacity.

As described in “Versatile”, it is also suitable for Texas with a certain weight and leaderless.
The feature is that weights of 7 to 14 g can be used comfortably.

[NEO Spool Edition] The development concept of “NEO” is to focus on the brush-up as a versatile machine that supports a wider range of fishing other than bait finesse. The spool material “G1 duralumin” has been adopted to reduce the weight, and 100% of the long-distance casting with a heavy lure and the stress-free start-up and response of the shots will be demonstrated. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable casting with a spool response that stands up comfortably while having enough line capacity for power games!

“Steez SVTW” tuning menu covering all directions!

Other than the spool, do not miss any part related to performance and put your hands.
-The “Versatile Finesse” version that achieves low resistance and pursues light spool rotation is equipped with the IXA Micro Bearing System (MBS).
-The “NEO” version is equipped with IXA ceramic ball bearings, which has durability in addition to rotational performance.
-Fully loaded with carbon parts and aluminum parts for handles and drags that contribute to weight reduction. We will deliver it with the same “full spec” specifications as the model used by KTF professional staff including Yukihiro Sawamura.