Features of the custom base machine “Abrevo LTX-BF8”.

In 2016, Abu “LTX” was remodeled.
Debuted as “LTX-BF8”.

The size of the body is smaller and the weight is 129 grams, the lightest in its class.
The spool diameter has also been changed to 32 mm.

Installed new development “KAHEN” brake installed spool

[KTF newly developed brake “KAHEN”]
A variable unit with a new design changes the braking force according to the input level during casting, and at the time of full casting, it is a strong level brake that suppresses backlash, enabling stress-free long casting, weak at pitching The ultimate variable braking system required for a magnet model that achieves smooth and comfortable low trajectory pitching without damaging the rotational response of the brake.

You can enjoy the braking performance that should be called a special case.

“Revo LTX-BF8 KAHEN” tuning menu covering all directions!

Other than the brakes, do not miss any parts related to performance and put your hands in it.

-The spool body continues to use “G1 duralumin” that is both strong and lightweight
” G1 and (GI) duralumin”, the existing ultra duralumin ( A7075) of about 1.3 with the times of strength, is the aluminum alloy material of the next generation.
-Equipped with IXA micro bearing system that realizes low resistance and brings light spool rotation.
-Fully loaded with carbon parts and aluminum parts for handles and drags that contribute to weight reduction.
・ “Finesse” spool specializing in bait finesse Only “Finesse” spool will be accepted this time. We will deliver with the same “full spec” specifications as the model used by KTF professional staff including Sawamura .