Features of the custom-based machine “Steez CT”.

The new concept “CT” announced by Daiwa in 2019.
With the theme of “Compact & Tough”, it is a design concept that looks at Daiwa’s bait reel of the new era.

As a specific feature, the diameter of the spool has been drastically reduced, such as 30Φ, and the size and weight of the reel unit have been reduced accordingly.

The flagship high-end model of the “CT” concept is the Steez CT SV TW (hereinafter Steez CT).

Overwhelming comfort obtained by tuning the small spool!

The spool of the base reel, which has been made smaller in diameter, has some remarkable capabilities, but the KTF has also been tuned up by reviewing the amount of spool and the balance of the spool as a whole.

The spool material “G1 duralumin” is adopted to reduce the weight, and the “KAHEN” brake is installed with KTF’s original setting technology. Both super response and anti-backlash performance are achieved.

The bait finesse approach after optimally adjusting the winding amount of the line is a “special” state. For comfort, flight distance, and difficulty in backlash, we have achieved a high level of spool performance that you can experience with only 30Φ.

“Steeth CT” tuning menu covering all directions!

Other than the spool, do not miss any part related to performance and put your hands.
-The “Versatile Finesse” version that achieves low resistance and pursues light spool rotation is equipped with the IXA Micro Bearing System (MBS).
-The “NEO” version is equipped with IXA ceramic ball bearings, which has durability in addition to rotational performance.
-Fully loaded with carbon parts and aluminum parts for handles and drags that contribute to weight reduction. We will deliver it with the same “full spec” specifications as the model used by KTF professional staff including Yukihiro Sawamura.