Opus 1

  • * Production of this product has ended. (May 2019)

    Shape follows function.

The primary requirements for Opus-1 were robustness and corrosion resistance. The material of the reel body is not magnesium alloy, which is often used for weight reduction, but aluminum alloy with excellent strength and durability.

On the other hand, other metal materials such as titanium alloy and stainless steel are actively adopted for the handle and other parts according to the characteristics required for each part, to balance weight balance and strength, which are major elements of functionality I am planning.

In terms of function, we adopted a high precision drive gear of forged aluminum alloy, stainless ball bearing and ceramic ball bearing with special rust prevention treatment to realize reliable and smooth rotation which is the most important function of the reel. .

Many other features have been carefully and carefully stored in this small frame. A tool that will not get tired even after years and does not make you feel old. Please feel the best balance and perfection that the veteran craftsman has built up with years of experience and intuition.

Gear ratio 5.2: 1
Practical drag power 29.4N / 3.0kg * N (Newton) is a unit to express force, 1kg = 9.8N.
Own weight (g) 260g
Maximum winding length (cm) 73cm (1 turn per cm / handle)
Number of bearings 10/1 (stainless steel / ceramic)
Thread amount Nylon No.2 (8lb) -170m, No.2.5 (10lb) -150m, No.3 (12lb) -120m
price 89,000 yen (excluding tax)

Details and features

The Opus 1 came in 2 separate zippered, semi-ridged, soft-lined cases. Those two cases were contained within a ridged, aluminum case. 1 case contained the reel, and the other case contained the handle, spool, and included tools.

Special package
Accessories such as the reel body and spare spools and tools are put in individual inner bags and stored in a special aluminum case so that you can use them carefully for many years.

■ Package contents
・ Aluminum case
・ Inner bag 1 (for reel body)
・ Inner bag 2 (for shallow groove spare spool ・ for special tools)
・ Shallow groove spare spool : (4lb.)- 130m / 1.2 (5lb.)-100m / 1.5 (6lb .)-80m
・ Washer × 2 for adjusting winding shape
・ Special tool


EGV cut line roller
Employs an EG original V-cut line roller that minimizes thread twist that causes thread cling on the tip of a rod or guide.
  • Metal bridge drag knob
    The drag knob with the edge is designed so that you can instantly adjust the drag with your gloved hand.
  • Super duralumin spool ring
    The spool ring, which is easy to be scratched, is made of ultra-duralumin, which is light and hard, coated with titanium.
  • Aluminum alloy die-cast body rotor
    The body and rotor, the main parts, use aluminum alloy die-casting with excellent strength and durability. Furthermore, it is anodized and has increased corrosion resistance through anti-rust coating.
  • Double stopper one-way clutch (PAT.P)
    With a double countermeasure structure, the stopper works reliably in any situation to prevent slippage.
  • Specialized tool
    ● Exclusive hex wrench
    Large: 3mm Medium: 2.5mm Small: 2mm
    ● Exclusive wrench
  • Rust-proof stainless steel ball bearing
    Rust-proof stainless steel ball bearings are resistant to rust and maintain smooth rotation even when used in salt water.
  • Ceramic ball bearing
    A ceramic ball bearing with high surface hardness and excellent wear resistance is used for the handle shaft (side cover side), which places a load during winding, with an emphasis on durability.
  • High precision forged drive gear
    Drive gears that require strength and durability use forged aluminum alloy. Anodized to increase rust prevention.
  • Titanium alloy bail, main shaft
    To increase durability, the bail and main shaft adopt titanium alloy and are further coated with titanium.
  • 4-point main shaft
    The four-point support structure that receives the shaft even at the end of the body prevents shaft shake, rattling, etc., and increases durability.
  • Wound shape adjustment washer
    Adjustment washers are included so that even if there is a difference in yarn diameter or variation, a flat winding can be obtained.
  • Single plate wide area drag washer
    This is a high-performance drag that uses a large area washer to allow a very smooth line to start.
  • Other
    ■ Aluminum alloy forged spool
    ■ Duralumin handle arm
    ■ Aluminum alloy side cover
    ■ Aluminum alloy press bail arm
    ■ Aluminum alloy forged line slider
    ■ With serial number

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[the amount of nylon thread]・ 1 (4lb.) -130m ・ 1.2 (5lb.) -100m・ 1.5 (6lb.) -80m

■ How to replace
■ OPUS 1 Double handle
Opus 1 Double Handle is a custom tune-up part that enhances the operability of the original model. It is the best winding comfort without a sense of incongruity due to the high balance design unique to genuine parts.

 Opus 1 Double handle
metal knob type mounting image

 ■ Metal knob type (90mm)
tax-included price 17,600 yen (body price 16,000 yen)

■ How to replace