• Another Opus-1.
Opus 1 Nero

A metal body with a black finish that is more finesse and more elegantly polished. The spool size and drag performance are balanced while maintaining the excellent robustness and corrosion resistance that are the basic concepts of Opus-1. And it was born as a “work” that expresses the ease of use with light tackles.

“Shape” as a tool given the role of leading to the next work. The heavy brilliance of metal that increases as you use it, and the smooth feel of a precision machine. The work and craftsmanship of veteran craftsmen that can never be achieved with mass-produced products. A reel that is dressed in jet black and was born from the workshop, not from the factory. “Opus-1 nero”.

Details / features

    • EGV cut line roller
      EGV cut line roller
      Uses EG original V-cut line roller that minimizes thread twist that causes the tip of the rod and thread rattling of the guide.
    • Metal bridge drag knob
      Metal bridge drag knob
      The edgy drag knob is designed so that you can instantly adjust the drag even with a gloved hand.
    • Aluminum alloy forged spool
      Aluminum alloy forged spool
      Based on the nylon line 6lb.100m, this is a spool exclusively for nero that considers size and balance.
    • Extra super duralumin spool ring
      Extra super duralumin spool ring
      The easily scratched spool ring is made of light and hard extra super duralumin coated with titanium.
    • Aluminum alloy die-cast body rotor
      Aluminum alloy die-cast body rotor
      The main parts, the body and rotor, are made of die-cast aluminum alloy, which has excellent strength and durability. Furthermore, it is anodized and rust-proof coating is used to improve corrosion resistance.
    • Duralumin machine cut handle arm
      Duralumin machine cut handle arm
      This is a nero original handle arm made by cutting duralumin and anodizing it.
    • Soft resin handle knob
      Soft resin handle knob
      The non-slip coating fits your fingertips when winding the line.
    • Double stopper one-way clutch (PAT.P)
      Double stopper one-way clutch (PAT.P)
      With a double countermeasure structure, the stopper works reliably in all situations to prevent slipping.
    • With special tools
      With special tools
      ● dedicated hex wrench
      large: in 3mm: 2.5mm Small: 2 mm
      ● special wrench
    • Rust-proof stainless steel ball bearing
      Rust-proof stainless steel ball bearings are resistant to rust and maintain smooth rotation even when used in salt water.
    • High precision forged drive gear
      Aluminum alloy forging is used for drive gears that require strength and durability. It is treated with alumite to improve rust prevention.
    • Titanium alloy bail, main shaft
      In order to increase durability, the bail and main shaft are made of titanium alloy and coated with titanium.
    • 4-point support main shaft
      The 4-point support structure that receives the shaft even at the rear end of the body prevents the shaft from shaking and rattling, further improving durability.
    • Washer for adjusting the bobbin shape
      An adjustment washer is attached so that the winding will be flat even if there are differences or variations in thread diameter.
    • Single plate wide area drag washer
      By adopting a large area washer, it is a high-performance drag that enables a very smooth line to start.
    • Other equipment
      ■ Aluminum alloy side cover
      ■ Aluminum alloy forged line slider
      ■ With serial number
      ■ With inner bag


■ Opus 1 Nero Special Spool & Special Handle
Opus 1 Nero Special Shallow Spool and Special Handle are dress-up parts that further enhance the quality of the original model. The glossy alumite color that shines on the metal body that gives off a profound shine, which is the symbol of Opus 1 Nero, creates a high texture.

 Opus 1 Nero Special Spool &
Special Handle Installation Image

 ■ Opus 1 Nero Special spool blue
including tax price ¥ 17,600 (base price of ¥ 16,000)

[nylon yarn amount]
-1.2 No. (5Lb.) – 125M
-1.5 No. (6Lb.) – 100M
-2 No. (8Lb.) – 75M

■ Opus 1 Nero Special Handle
Tax-included price ¥ 15,400 (main unit price ¥ 14,000)

■ How to replace the spool
■ How to replace the handle
  • Opus 1 Nero Special Spool is a spool exclusively for Opus 1 Nero. Do not attach it to other companies’ reels.
  • Please note that if the spool is pulled out diagonally, the parts set on the shaft may get caught inside and fall off.
  • Opus-1 Nero Special Handle is a handle exclusively for Opus 1 Nero. Do not attach it to other companies’ reels.
  • When replacing parts, be careful not to get injured by tools or parts.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.