MLS-S64ULThe ultimate feeding rod. The highly elastic solid tip has a very delicate setting. Only an ultra-lightweight torzite ring and titanium frame can achieve such high sensitivity. The pursuit of further sensitivity extends to grip design. Adopted TVS reel seat which is a special specification only for this model. The passion for this model, such as the short foregrip that is conscious of the blank touch with the index finger, can be said to be the best in the series. (Grip type C) MLS-65LNeedless to say, this is a classic spinning model. This model will definitely come into play on both okappari and boats. The ultra-high sensitivity and accuracy performance required for a light rig greatly exceeds the SIC ring model in the combination of torzite ring and titanium frame. Of course, I am confident in the butt power of the Cross Force Plus manufacturing method. There is definitely a big bass that can only be caught with this model. (Grip type D) MLS-67MLIn fact, it is a very popular model as a multi-purpose model. The blanks are slightly taut, but the sensitivity performance is also excellent due to the setting of the torzite ring and titanium frame. Even for heavy lures, which are overpowered in normal spinning models, the sharpness of the Cross Force Plus manufacturing method enables a light cast and delicate lure action. If you combine it with the PE line, you can experience a different dimension of ultra-high sensitivity. (Grip type D)