MXC-662M Two-piece super versatile model 66M that covers a wide range of middleweight lures. The regular taper design inherited from the 1-piece model realizes a natural bend curve that creates a long cast. One that completely eliminates the blurring during casting that tends to occur in 2 pieces.
MXC-692MH There is no 69MH in the 1-piece model. This 692MH is designed with a strong awareness of cover games in Okappari. A gem that sticks to the sharpness that can not be thought of as a two-piece that enables long casting with a length of 6 feet 9 inches and the most important accuracy performance in the cover game. If you are aiming for a big bus with a 2-piece model, this model is definitely for you.

Guide concept for bait casting model

All K-series titunium frame and Sic ring.


Original reel seat

for bait casting model