MLC-68M The only model in the series dedicated to rolls. Compared to other models, the glass content is slightly higher, and it is designed with good ride quality in mind. Performance that is added to the ride quality is a sharp cast feel and sensitivity to short bites. By adopting an ultra-lightweight combination of torzite ring and titanium frame, the potential of blanks is fully demonstrated. The strength of the core in the suppleness can be said to be the potential unique to Cross Force Plus. (Grip type A)
MLC-69MH Sensitivity is the most important factor in bottom contact lures. It can be said that it is a big bus strategy only if you have a perfect grasp of the texture of the bottom and the position of the structure as well as the short bite of the bus. Not only the newly designed ultra-sensitive blanks, but also the area that can be felt only by the combination of the torzite ring and titanium frame adopted only in the Limited series is a completely different world. I can’t think of such an advantage in the rubber jig or Texas strategy. (Grip type B)
MLC-74H Although he is good at long casts, it cannot be said that he has mastered this model by itself. The power to penetrate the upper jaw of the big bass by hooking without time lag unique to the Cross Force Plus manufacturing method that overcomes the twist and the delicate rod work that can not be thought of as a long rod are a new sensation that can only be experienced with the model using the torzite ring. One of the attractions is the depth of the bosom that supports not only bottom contact systems but also swim baits. Adopted a grip detachable design in consideration of storage. (Grip type B)
MLC-72X A design that retains the torqueful performance in the suppleness in the blanks concept. A model that uses glass in the right place and can be called the true value of a power model that can perform everything from big bait casting to landing without stagnation. It has the power that you definitely want to use for punching heavy covers and frog games, and the shooting ability that enables a delicate approach that you can not think of as a model exclusively for big bass. Detachable grip that is convenient to carry. (Grip type B)