MXC-65ML Light and medium weight versatile model. It is indispensable for games that quickly search shallow areas and attack in a run and gun style. The shooting performance that comes from the length that is easy to handle shows its true value when shooting the cover tightly.
MXC-66M A central model of bait model with a standard length in every field. The taper, which is a lightweight and highly sensitive blank and draws a smooth curve corresponding to scroll type to bottom touch type, is a pillar of strategy.
MXC-610M Flying distance is an important factor on land. This length is useful for a wide range of vibration and spinnerbait searches. It also has high-precision delicacy that can be shot at the “pin”, and is ideal for cover capture in rubber jigs and Texas.
MXC-67MH Accuracy is important for cover games in rubber jigs and Texas. A model that allows you to experience the precision of approaching a lure tightly and the metallic torque that instantly peels off the big bass from the cover.
MXC-70MH A must-have for aiming at a big bus. Astonishing butt power with Cross Force Plus. Not only is it hard, but its suppleness with a core enables high-precision casting and long casting. Not only cover games, but also scone rigs, chatter baits, and other taper designs that are conscious of side fishing, give a good feeling of swinging off and reliably catch short bites.
MXC-70H The lightness of this model when picked up is only part of the surprise. The real surprise comes the moment you hang a big bus. Lift power that can not be imagined from a light cast feel. Its torqueful performance is due to Cross Force Plus. It’s a versatile one that handles everything from cover games to swimbaits.
MXC-70X The strongest powerful model in the series. The features of this model are its sharp high sensitivity and sharpness like a Japanese sword. The performance required for this model, which is compatible with big baits, punching, and heavy cover games, is toughness and sharpness. Gachinko special with the creed of superiority in the Thaiman game with the big bus.

Guide concept for bait casting model

All K-series titunium frame and Sic ring.


Original reel seat

for bait casting model