In 2015 Daiwa released a total revamp of the Luvias lineup with major cosmetic changes and a plethora of models.  The reel was given the Air Rotor system consisting of the Air Spool and Air Bail.  The drag was changed from the UTD to the new concept drag ATD.  Daiwa also added one more bearing on the driveshaft.  The 1003, 2004, and 2004H are designed for light Trout game and have I-Shaped knobs.  The 2506 and 2506H are the “all around” size for finesse Bass and also feature I-Shaped knobs.  The 2508PE-H and 2508PE-DH are the first PE models for the Luvias.  The standard model has an T-Shape knob while the DH features a 90mm double handle (45mm each way) with dual I-Shape knobs.  The 2510PE-H is the largest PE model in the lineup and has the T-Shaped knob.  The 3012 and 3012H are the largest models designed for Sea Bass and light offshore game.  The 3012 has the T-Shape knob while the 3012H has a larger T-Shape knob.  The 2500 and 3000 models are for the Australia and UK market.