HYBRID VACUUM is a new rod, that uses a completely new production method.
This new method completely solves the old composite rod problem of a sudden change in action down the rod, as it changed from glass to carbon blank.

Tubular glass and highly elastic HP40 graphite can be combined to form a smooth working curve. A fusion of the sensitivity of glass and power of HP40 graphite create a completely natural casting feel. This is one hybrid rod, that will do the name ROADRUNNER HYBRID VACUUM proud.

Blank Image

All rods are fitted with Black Stainless Sic Ring Guides.


The far-right balancer is used on the VOICE 760JMH/JH rods.


Weight Color Piece
3/8oz.(10.5g) 5 2pcs.

The colored balancers allow the angler to balance their rod setting to fit their own style and methods. Each series is equipped with the WBC balancer. Not only is it used to change the rod balance, by using different colors you can add your own accent and style to the rod, or use the different colors as markers to help you find the rod you need faster.

A delicate and sensitive rod made for fishing with ultra-light rigs such as no sinker wacky rigged worms. The sensitivity allows the anger to feel the lure while still applying action to attract. When bass taking slow-moving lures into their mouth, they simply suck the lure in and it there is usually no clear bite. In these situations what is needed is a rod that has a flexible tip, with a working bend to allow the allure to apply action to the lure, and just enough power to prevent the angler from pulling the lure out of the bass’ mouth. HYBRID VACUUM is designed for this with a smooth bending curve that allows the angler to freely use and work with ultra-light 2 to 3-pound line. The most sensitive rod in the ROADRUNNER line-up.