2010 sees the start of a new series in the NORIES rod line-up, STRUCTURE.
Built using NORIES blanks that have strong torque and excellent sensitivity, this series is designed for precise control when fishing along the bottom with soft baits. It is fitted with titanium frame guides for quick rebound speed and a separate grip that enables the angler to hold the rod lightly in one hand. The rod has also been made much lighter than its predecessors allowing for precise control of soft baits. With just line tension it is possible to tightly trace structure and hook up on the lightest of bites. Also made to be held lightly in hand, the light grip assists the angler by reducing the tension on the line to create a more natural presentation and therefore deeper bite.
Soft bait fishing is a very important part of bass fishing. STRUCTURE makes it possible to take your soft bait fishing to new heights.

A rod may look like a one piece rod, however many rods use one blank from the tip to the grip attached to a different material under the grip. NORIES rods are different. NORIES has always used a true one piece construction with only a single blank from tip to butt for maximum control and real feeling throughout the rod. STRUCTURE follows the same tradition, and also has an extra layer of carbon around the grip for extra width. A balanced design for extra strength, it makes the most out of the unique SRUCTURE blank.
* Except ST620XLS-As, ST700H and telescopic handle rod designs.
An ultra light design made thin for ease of use, the bait caster is fitted with an ACS reel seat and spinning with a VSS reel seat.
* Except ST630MLS-ULFt、ST680MLS-ULFt
The specialised front gripless style design is featured only in the two SHAKING RHYTHM items in the specialist soft lure STRUCTURE lineup. By simply stretching out the forefinger it is possible to have direct contact with the blank. This makes it easy to impart a quick shaking action on the lure and also helps reduce overall weight of the rod.
* Utilised in the ST630MLS-ULFt and ST680MLS-ULFt rods.
All rods are fitted with Titanium SIC guides for lightness. Designed for Fluorocarbon and PE line use, each rod is fitted with MNST top guides and KT guides along the tip. Below these guides, spinning rods are fitted with KL guides and bait casting rods are fitted with LN guides.
This guide system makes use of the Fuji KR Guide and is featured in the two”shaking rhythm” rods. By fitting a small diameter guide low on the buttand choking the line down so that it flows along the length of the rod inmicro guides, we have developed a guide system that improves the castability, control and feel when using light rigs.
*Used in ST630MLS-ULFt and ST680MLS-ULFt.

Designed to have all the benefits typically associated with solid tip rods such as a thin tip for fantastic visual confirmation of bites, and light touch for extremely natural presentation of baits, these rods joints are also positioned in such a way as to avoid power loss and produce an unbelievably smooth power curve when under load. This means less lost fish as well as amazing cast control and lure controllability that is parallel with a carbon tubular rod. Rods featuring this design have “Ft” (finesse tip)on the end of the item number.
*ST640M-Ft,ST670MH-Ft, ST630MLS-ULFt and ST680MLS-ULFt are fitted with this finesse tip.

Designed for +1/2 oz Texas rigs and rubber jigs in thick cover and heavy Carolina rigs, ST700H packs enough strength for power fishing. Its strong tip supports heavy rigs and has enough torque in the butt to pull lunker fish out from heavy cover while still having direct feel to the lure. This setting is only made possible because of NORIES dedication to balanced fishing rod design.