The Ex. First Taper, which has a soft tip that allows you to easily control a lightweight rig, is a special model built up for high pressure when you are sometimes forced to use a small bait, or for capturing the difficult gin clear visible bus.

The blank characteristic, which is decisively different from a mere finesse rod, also has a tough bat that can not be imagined from the soft tip that emphasizes operability, and it can bring a threaded big bass that barely uses the mouth to a small light rig and a bite. , It boasts a high degree of perfection that can hold the Big One with sufficient power to suppress the rush immediately after.

The “edge master”, which is suitable for high-dimensional finesse hunting, is a technical shaft for catching thread monsters.


From the 2009 model, “fji VSS reel seat is adopted. The slimmed reel seat brings improved holdability and weight reduction. Furthermore, the highest grade EVA grip with high hardness and high density gives high sensitivity and texture. Both.



Along with the change of the reel seat, the foregrip is lightweight and compact. The direct action feel with the index finger attached to the blank realizes the more delicate rod work required for finesse hunting.




An aluminum machine cut grip end balancer that doubles the role of a counter weight while amplifying and transmitting sensitivity.




The fuji titanium frame SiC guide boasts lightweight and high rigidity. Due to the versatility of the braided line, the K-guide specifications will be used for the “Lud Viper” and “Laser Whipper”.