“Louviper”, which has amazing flight distance and outstanding operability, is a PE concept finished with a tip that enables delicate invitation with light rigs such as cat rigs and jig heads, and a power blank that can carry big worms and medium-sized swim baits. Power finesse spin.

With the K guide setting premised on the use of the braided line, not only can the light rig be sent to the back of the man-made structure and the complicated bush cover that hesitated until now, but also the short bite from the long distance can be caught. It will surely realize the performance to be applied. In addition, the super-high-speed retrieve of the big worm that cannot be cut off by the bus in the cleared water area is a trump method to kill monsters with Clear Lake.

The “Loop By Par”, which can handle a great distance with a 7-foot over, and can handle from lightweight to big worms, should give Bank Fisherman a great advantage.