A medium heavy, short model that shoots pin spots with a short distance and catches monsters with finesse hunting mainly for big worms.

The first taper, which has a tough bat and a delicate tip, manipulates big worms lively while unraveling the entwined weeds one by one, and has a direct feel that makes even a nervous big bass use the mouth easily and a short bite. Achieves hooking performance that clearly catches and hangs firmly.

The tip without sluggishness cuts through the spatter and weed, and not only boasts high operability as a light jig head rod that enables flashy irregular dirt that can not be managed by conventional spinning rods, but also no sinker and deep around the cover.・Compatible with a wide range of down shots.


From the 2009 model, “fji VSS reel seat is adopted. The slimmed reel seat brings improved holdability and weight reduction. Furthermore, the highest grade EVA grip with high hardness and high density gives high sensitivity and texture. Both.



Along with the change of the reel seat, the foregrip is lightweight and compact. The direct action feel with the index finger attached to the blank realizes the more delicate rod work required for finesse hunting.




An aluminum machine cut grip end balancer that doubles the role of a counter weight while amplifying and transmitting sensitivity.




The fuji titanium frame SiC guide boasts lightweight and high rigidity. Due to the versatility of the braided line, the K-guide specifications will be used for the “Lud Viper” and “Laser Whipper”.