Fenwick Golden Wing

Golden Wing Casting Rod

Golden Wing Casting Rod

The fusion of tradition and the latest technology

New evolution by nanotechnology. Overwhelming lightness, super-high sensitivity, and strong torque

New Golden Wing adopts nano resin carbon prepreg as the main material. Furthermore, in order to enhance the characteristics of this new material, we introduced high tapering to each model positively. By making the bat diameter large and bringing the center of gravity of the rod close to the hand and controlling the amount of resin appropriately, while following the characteristics of “strong tension”, “dry lightness” and “high sensitivity” of the Golden Wing tradition, Sublimed to the next generation blanks with a strong sense of torque. The fusion of nano resin and drastic high taper that has a stronger molecular structure and tries to restore quickly while deeply instilling has given new wings to the Fengwick tradition’s Golden Wing series.

[Guide] Fuji Industrial titanium frame / SiC ring guide Fenwick original ・ Fines guide system
[Grip] Fenwick original ・ Small fore & shaped grip
【Reel sheet】 Fenwick original ・ Rounded trigger reel sheet

Nano resin carbon prepreg

cross bag

6’8 “6-16lb 1 / 8-1 / 2oz 93g MF grip: A

A light pitching stick compatible with high specific gravity stick baits, light Texas rigs, heavy down shots, and medium weight cats. We succeeded in combining dry lightness and sensitivity that do not feel 6’8 “length at all, muscle strength and power, by the benefit of nano resin & high taper. Delicate tip section to smooth taper, strong bat Feeling to connect without straining is a P + number of Fenwick traditional.It is a feeling of operation of ML power, but even if it is forced exchange at the time of cover, the vulnerability does not make it feel fine dust either, which brings a high advantage to the angler. The overwhelming performance is a new dimension of feeling that overturns existing concepts.

51,000 yen (excluding tax)