The long-awaited 2-piece model appeared

6’3 “1.8-10.5 g Lure 6-14 lb. Line Medium Fast Self Weight 101 g 2 PC

Featuring the 63 CLJ number, which is the most versatile and standard for practicing Beit Fines, in the Fenwick Links series. The release point when casting a lightweight rig is clarified by combining a lightweight and moist high-taper blank and a bend curve that smoothly transitions from the tip to the butt section. In addition to achieving a controllable accuracy cast, when the bus is hung, it is possible to bring it to the landing while minimizing the risk of line break and hook off. Technically dealing with light rigs such as no sinkers, feline rigs, and leaderless down shots, the performance to reliably catch the bus is condensed. We will respond with a degree of perfection unique to Fenwick who knew all about Beit Fines.

22,000 yen (excluding tax)

Fenwick Links


The Fenwick Links series is the same as the basic concept of the Flagship Acis series, and depending on the technique and method, the various blank manufacturing methods and materials that Fenwick has cultivated so far are selected into individual models. By adopting the most appropriate construction (VARIABLE CONSTRUCTION CONCEPT), the setting that effectively draws out the potential of the blank is made.

Blanks with a sense of softness and torque

As a consistent concept of the Fenwick Links series, the core of the blank layer has a scrim cloth that exerts strong resilience to enhance bending resistance. Combined with the well-established lightweight balance design and taper design in ASIS and the Golden Wing series, we succeeded in creating a blank that was very lightweight, but also made it possible to have a soft and flexible feel and a sense of torque. It is the birth of the series that can be achieved only because of Fenwick with a track record that has released a number of unique manufacturing methods and materials, an excellent bass rod.

Five Concepts in Fenwick Links

1 nature and link
2 bus and link
3 angler and link
4 technique, method and link 5
ACES concept and link


Guide: Fuji Industrial Stainless Frame / Alconite Ring Guide, Fenwick Original Finesse Guide System
Grip: Fenwick Original Small Fore & Shaped Grip
Reel Seat: Fenwick Original Trigger Reel Seat


Original Finesse Guide System

We adopt a semi-micro guide setting suppressing line interference to blank as much as possible and suppressing smooth bend and twist. While efficiently drawing out the sensitivity, power, and torque inherent to the rod, it contributes to significant weight reduction. Furthermore, by making it an all-K guide, a smooth cast which reduced the resistance of the line is realized.